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  • New Custom Website: The Game Effect

    We've been working on this one for quite a while now. The new custom design has not gone live on the site yet, but the site is up and running and full of content. The new Game Effect design is much more stylized and modern. It definitely stands out as one of the most user-oriented media sites out there, as opposed to ign.com or others within the niche.You can click on the images below to visit their respective designs. Again, the new design is not live yet, so you will just see a full, non-interactive visual representation if you click on its preview image.

    First, we'll show you the "before" image:

    The Game Effect - Before

    And here's our new, custom design:

    The Game Effect - After

    Obviously there is a huge difference. We'll announce when the site goes live with the new design. You can make The Game Effect your new stop for reviews, previews, and editorials having to do with games, movies, tv, and more. Check out the current Game Effect website.


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  • New Custom Website: Chess Republic

    We're proud to announce that we've been working on a custom website project entitled, "The Chess Republic". The website is currently still in development, but most of the design portion of the project is completed. The website will be the first of its kind. In other words, it will allow its users to earn money whilst playing, learning, or teaching Chess to other players. 

    The design features a clean, warm, and elegant style. The image below showcases the design and layout of the eventual landing page. For now, the actual website that's currently live is in a condensed preview form. Feel free to click on the image below to check out the website and even join its community:

    The Chess Republic

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  • Do It Yourself SEO

    SEO eBookWe're pleased to announce the launch of the new SEO resource website, Do It Yourself SEO. The website was designed and developed by our creative director, Christopher Nelson. While we are proud of the work we do for our clients on search engine optimization, we are excited about his achievement.

    Not only is this new website a resource for anyone and everyone wanting to learn all that there is to know about SEO, it also features The SEO Guide, Search Engine Optimization: Do It Yourself. The SEO Guide is a downloadable SEO eBook that features articles, explanations, and how-to's of SEO. The purpose of the eBook is to be the ultimate guide for anyone wanting to optimize their own websites. This is especially good for business owners and start-ups that simply don't have the money to spend on extensive SEO campaigns.

    The website also features an SEO FAQ section that allows visitors to read all about the different topics within the realm of SEO, as well as ask questions or make comments about anything they're having trouble with. It's basically a condensed summary version of the guide itself.

    The SEO Resources section of the website has recommendations and reviews of all the best SEO tools, software, guides, and training available should anyone be interested. 

    If you ever wanted to learn more about SEO or start optimizing yourself, this is definitely the website to visit. Click here to check out Do It Yourself SEO!


  • New Custom Website: Light Pollution

    Nancy Wood came to us looking for something custom, simple, and unique. As an artist, her work is absolutely outstanding. Because of this we did not want to take the focus of the website away from her work in any way. So, we decided to base the design of the website on her works of art. The end result is a website that is more than reminiscent of a work of art in and of itself. The site has already been featured on several design galleries around the internet.

    Check out our newest custom website: Light Pollution.

    Light Pollution


  • Pauley Financial Services

    Arora Designs has just launched the new Pauley Financial Services website! While we definitely don't feature every website we complete, we like to showcase certain aspects of our CMS Web Design capabilities from time to time.

    The folks at Pauley Financial came to us with a problem: they already had a large website with a content management system (CMS), but it just wasn't working for them. The CMS was not nearly powerful enough to do what they wanted to do. Sometimes it was the simplest of things; creating a slide show, implementing SEO, create a blog, event calendar, etc. They simply couldn't use the antiquated system for anything other than basic layout and text editing. The design templates that were available to them looked old, drab and extremely simple.

    Worse, the company they were with was charging extra for everything - domain purchasing, SEO monitoring, SSL, URL forwarding, etc. When we showed them the templates we had and told them about the capabilities and benefits of our CMS, they were excited to say the least. Also, we don't charge extra for purchasing domains, URL forwarding or even SSL. We're proud to say that it's all part of the package.

    The Pauley Financial website is a perfect example of how one of our pre-designed website templates can be customized to fit the needs of any client. For their project, they chose this template:

    Pre-Designed Website Template

    We used their existing branding, colors, content and new ideas and turned it into this:

    Pauley Financial Services

    Not bad for a pre-designed website template. They're extremely excited with all the new functionality their website has, not to mention the ability to easily log in to their website to add and edit content themselves. For only $399, we customized the template to suit their branding and business, added all of their existing content for them and took care of all the domain issues for the new website.

    Pauley Financial Services is one of the best companies we've had the pleasure to work with, and we're pretty certain they feel the same way about us. Even when they have a question about the CMS (we give unlimited support for free), they come back with, "Oh, that was so simple!". We agree.

    At Arora Designs, we're all about creating a hassle-free experience for our clients.  At the same time, we love to empower them and give them the ability to take control of their website and branding in ways they never thought possible. We're invested in your success - when you're a client of Arora Designs, you're a partner. And we're not just sayin' that. We're designers, not salespeople.

    As usual, thanks for reading! If you have any questions about our CMS Web Design services or have any other comments or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us or write a comment below!


  • Harmonious Spaces

    Harmonious SpacesHere at Arora Designs, we specialize in total customization. If you're a thriving company that needs a new website or a website redesign in the Dallas, TX area (and beyond), we're the company for you. Not a thriving company? No problem. We can design a custom website or create a new brand identity for start up companies, small businesses, and even individuals.

    Such was the case for Nicole, who started her small business this summer. Intuitive Solutions For Life is a decorating and organizing company located in Portsmouth, NH. Nicole didn't necessarily want all the bells and whistles; she had an idea, expressed it to us, and we made it a reality. She now has a custom designed website perfectly suited for her business and her customers. She doesn't have hundreds of pages, fancy flash animations or even a contact form. She came to us wanting a specific "look" designed for her, and we delivered.

    Now her website graces the top of the first page of Google search engine results for her cited locations and services. Her business is taking off, and she couldn't be happier with the website. In fact, she's informed us only recently that she will be ordering a blog from us to be implemented on her website within the next few days and weeks.

    The moral of the story? Small or large company, small or large budget, we can custom design your website the way you envision, at a budget you can live with. Contact us today!

    View Nicole's Custom Website!

  • Beautiful 2.0

    The newest, best, and most "pure" css gallery and web design gallery is here! Beautiful 2.0 features extraordinary and breathtaking web 2.0 websites with an emphasis in artistry and design quality. No more sifting through the cookie cutter css sites - this new gallery filters everything but the best. Take a look!

    Beautiful 2.0 - Best CSS Design Gallery

    Beautiful 2.0 CSS Gallery


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