We've combined our easy-to-use website editor with powerful online store functionality, complete with a seamless shopping cart and check out experience for your customers. Create new products, manage orders, track inventory and more with our ground-breaking new e-commerce solution.

Online Store 

Product Element

Add Products Right on Your Pages

Unlike other e-commerce solutions, there's no complex dashboard to add new products or edit them. Just find a page on your website where you would like to list your products, and click to add your product listing. It's really that simple.


Set Up Products with Powerful Yet Simple-To-Use Settings

Don't let the simplicity of our tools fool you. Our website editor lets you configure products with all the settings you could possibly need. What's our secret? An incredibly easy-to-understand user interface that is consistent across the board. By using our simple product interface, you'll be able to:

  • Add product information
  • Upload product images
  • Set product options
  • Create product variants
  • Set product weight (for shipping)
  • Add product tags
  • Set pricing
  • And more


In Stock

Track Product Inventory and Backorders

If you choose, you can have us track the inventory of your product and automatically stop selling when a product is sold out. Conversely, you can allow the store to sell back ordered products. With our online store, you're in the driver's seat.

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Secure Shopping Cart & Check Out

Just as with the rest of your Arora website, you'll have the confidence of our fully secured hosting environment. Shopping carts and payment pages are automatically configured with top-of-the-line security. Your customers can buy with absolute confidence on your website.

Shopping Cart

Manage Orders and Customers Alike

Our admin screens will help you fulfill orders and communicate with customers. Search, find, fulfill, cancel and refund orders all from the easy-to-use orders screen. The customers screen lets you find customers, add notes, and even export email addresses to assist in your ongoing marketing efforts.

E-commerce Pricing

Are you wondering about pricing? Don't worry - we've integrated the pricing of online stores with our existing website plans! Have a look at our website plans & pricing.

Questions? Comments?

Have a question about our awesome new online store functionality? Ask us here or simply contact us for a free quote! We'll get back to you by the next business day.

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