Hosting & Security

When it comes to hosting & security, you get what you pay for. With Arora, you get only the highest quality, most secure, fastest, and most advanced hosting system available.

Every Arora website comes with the most advanced, secure hosting available. All of our websites are stored on servers located at a top-tier data center right here in DFW, TX. It's one of the most advanced and secure facilities of its kind in the entire United States. The center has multiple redundant power and HVAC systems, backups, and emergency generators, as well as physical security on-site.

Got traffic? Bring it on.

Website traffic simply isn't a concern for us. We can handle anything you can throw at us. Our hosting is cloud-based, which means that no matter what, your website will still receive the full support and bandwidth that every other website on our system has access to, no matter how much traffic a single website may generate at any given time.

On-call support

If anything should ever happen to slow our system down or threaten website up-time, we have a support team ready and willing to respond immediately to whatever hosting issue comes up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With multiple redundancy systems, backups, cloud-style hosting and all of the security at our disposal, the addition of on-call support might seem a bit over the top. We know. Our clients aren't the only ones that use this hosting; we do too. We are proud of the top-tier speed, security, and stability within our system, and we mean to keep it that way.

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I made sure to dot I’s and cross T’s before making the switch in terms of system reliability and redundancy, as well as business continuity since Arora is a small firm. All passed exceedingly well.

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