How to Promote Your Website on Google

Sometimes, even after we educate our clients about SEO (search engine optimization), we get the question, "Yeah, but how do I promote my website on Google?". Well, for starters, that's what SEO is all about. But for the laymen out there, (and for those of you reading this that are not clients of ours) we'll provide a very basic list of things to keep in mind when attempting to get better search results in Google. 

How to Promote Your Website on Google1. Create a cross-browser compatible website
2. Submit your website to and other directories
3. Start a Blog with an RSS feed.
4. Sign up for Google Analytics
5. Set titles on all pages (H1, H2, H3, etc.)
6. Include meta data (description, keywords)
7. Create a robots.txt file for search engines.
8. Create a site map on your website.
9. Write useful and helpful content on your website.
10. Write useful and helpful content on your blog.
11. Make your website a resource for those that find it.
12. Make sure there are no broken links on your website.
13. Set up a smooth navigation structure. Make sure it's not confusing.
14. Start a Facebook and Twitter account connected with your website and/or blog.
15. Begin link building: the higher quality the connections, the better the results will be.
16. Own your domain for more than one year, and buy more than one year at a time. Google likes permanence.
17. Make sure people can comment on your Blog. Respond to them.
18. Be sure that every image on your website has an Alt Attribute.
19. Make sure that the file structure of your website is simple and intuitive.
20. Use naming conventions that are clear and make sense for all images and files.
21. Relevance, Relevance, Relevance. Make sure that your HTML title, meta data, content titles (H1, H2, etc), images, and actual content are all tied in with each other for each individual page on your website.
22. Do not try to trick Google. Stuffing keywords, repeating content, copying content from other sources, or link farming can get you penalized or even banned from Google.
23. Update your website regularly.
24. Update your Blog at least once per week. The more often it's updated, the better.
25. Don't give up.

Honestly, some of the items listed above will be confusing even to the layman. If you're not an SEO expert, web designer or developer, the truth is you really aren't expected to know these things. That's why businesses like ours offer search engine optimization as a service. However, there are some great points on here that you should pay attention to. The quality, usefulness and helpfulness of your content is completely within your control. Google would argue that the quality of your content is the most important thing, and we don't disagree.



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1. Micheli wrote:
Hey thhaecetll, we Hey thhaecetll, we haven't started yet adding the keywords. Once we have the correct keywords we will know what to put in the title to get us ranked well at the moment i need to home in on the right keywords. But yeh you are correct.Ali

Wed, January 2, 2013 @ 10:51 AM

2. Fiamma wrote:
Albateh keh baraye amalse Ruzbeh fahm va darke sohbathaye Maryam Rajavi sakht ast, Chape iran cheh as ghomashe khatte 1 v1 2 3 hichvaght sisat ra nafahmid va hamisheh rast zad va ya chap.Aghaye Ruzbeh, agar faghat beh mozegiriha va az jomleh khodetan nehah konid mifahmid????? keh chizy taghier kardeh

Sat, November 22, 2014 @ 9:05 AM

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