Is Pay-Per-Click Worth It?

PPC CampaignMany of our clients have asked us if they should start a pay-per-click campaign such as those sold by Google Adwords. It's quite a loaded question and we often can't answer it in simple black and white terms. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start a pay-per-click campaign (PPC):

1. Do you have a niche business, or niche product to sell? If you plan to use your PPC campaign to simply advertise your business, stop right there. PPC ads do best only when they have extremely specific products to sell or a business niche to advertise. As it is with general SEO (search engine optimization), you are competing against hundreds and thousands of other advertisers for any given geographic area. Do yourself a favor and get specific - very specific. Instead of "We sell vacuums", you might want to say something like "We sell bagless vacuums with hypoallergenic filters".

2. Do you have patience? PPC at the best of times can be slow-going. When it comes to search engine advertising, organic search results from search engine optimization makes up 75% of all clicks. Only 25% of clicks go to the ads above and to the right side of Google search results. If you're SEO isn't working, or it is working and you just want that extra 25% chance of clicks, be our guest and try out a PPC campaign.

3. Test, Test, Test. If you do decide to start a PPC campaign for your business, make sure you watch it very closely to make sure your ROI (return on investment) is worth it. Obviously if you are spending more than you are making, it's not worth it. Test different ads within your campaign to see which gets the most clicks. Then, of the popular ads, see which one is actually converting into calls and emails from leads.

We ourselves have tried PPC campaign advertising, but in the end we decided it just wasn't worth it. The SEO that we implement is much cheaper to test, and the chance of clicks is much, much higher. We do launch an occasional campaign though - not to gain leads, but to test if our landing pages, content etc are working. Combined with Google Analytics, it's a tool that often gives us insight into how users view our website.

In the end, we'd conclude that there is no simple answer. Every business is different and has different products or services. Every business has different budgets for ad campaigns such as this. Our official advice would be to do as much reading as you can, and decide whether to test it out or not. And of course, be sure to start small. Good luck!


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