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  • New! Responsive Pre-Designed Websites

    Responsive WebsitesWe've got 8 new pre-designed website designs to choose from - and they're all responsive! Responsive websites are especially designed to look great on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which greatly increases a website's usability and visual quality on smaller screens. Each of these designs features content areas that will automatically re-size and re-order depending on the device. Check them out in the featured section of our pre-designed website gallery!

    Responsive Web Design
  • New! 8 New Pre-Designed Websites

    We've got 8 new pre-designed websites for our customers to choose from. This means that we now have a total of 84 designs to browse through when choosing either the pre-designed or pre-designed pro website packages.

    New Pre-Designed Websites

    Check out the pre-designed website gallery. And as always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

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  • New! Online Stores

    Arora Designs is proud to announce that we've added powerful new online store functionality to our website editor. With our new e-commerce solution, you'll be able to add products directly onto any page you like. You can manage products, orders, inventory, shipping and tax costs, and even customer information for marketing purposes.

    We've integrated this new online store functionality into our website editor in every way - none of our pricing or website packages have changed, save for this new expansion of functionality. If you already have a website with us, your existing site now has e-commerce capability already built-in.

    We're really excited about this new addition to the Arora website editor. If you want to learn more about the capabilities of our e-commerce solution, you can read all about it here.

    Online Store 

    Questions? Comments?

    Have a question about our awesome new online store functionality? Ask us your question, comment below, or contact us for a free quote! Either way, we'll get back to you by the next business day.


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  • A New Look

    New Arora Design 2011If you've been to our website in the last few days, you will have noticed a big change here at Arora Designs. We've updated our look and redesigned our site to better serve our customers, showcase our work, and to better display the kind of design and functionality that we offer each and every one of our clients.

    We've also updated some of our services as well as our design packages. So, if you're interested in seeing what's new, don't hesitate to check those pages out. We'll also be adding new custom websites to our gallery in the coming weeks, so look out for those.

    Also, some time in the next few months we'll have a big announcement having to do with some new and exciting capabilities of our website editor system that comes with every Arora website. We think 2011 is already an awesome year... but it looks like it's just going to get better and better. Stay tuned!


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  • The SEO Guide - now only $4.95

    SEO GuideThe bestselling SEO guide, "Search Engine Optimization: Do It Yourself" is now only $4.95. We wholeheartedly recommend this guide for anyone wanting to learn SEO themselves without having to pay thousands of dollars for someone else or some company to do it for them (that includes us).

    Learn more about The SEO Guide here. Don't want to download it directly? Try it on your Kindle or Nook. Either way, you'll pay no annoying shipping or tax costs when you buy this electronic book online for your computer or eBook device.


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  • Launched: The Game Effect

    The Game EffectWe're extremely proud to announce that The Game Effect website has finally launched. As a new founded source for Game, Movie, and TV show news, reviews ,media, and more, The Game Effect strives to provide you with one of the most informative, functional, and stylish browsing experiences on the web. The staff of writers are passionate gamers and media enthusiasts who thoroughly enjoy being a part of this community.

    Be sure to check it out and become a member for free!

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  • Mobile Website Editing

    Mobile Website EditingToday we're proud to announce a brand new feature of our website editor! This exciting new feature has already been rolled out and is ready to be used now.

    The upgrade is a huge step forward in making our editor available on mobile and touch devices. We've empowered touch devices to be capable of accessing menus and settings, making the content areas on your website completely editable. In the past it was inconceivable to modify website text content, blog posts, or calendar events due to the fact that website editing is not compatible with current mobile web browsers. Consequently, we’ve upgraded this by way of delivering a substitute editing screen any time a person accesses the editor via a mobile internet browser.

    The new editing screen is extremely straightforward, even permitting a person to see as well as modify the actual HTML located within the content. Just sign in and pull up any of your content areas within a mobile browser, and the new editing screen will show up, permitting you to make modifications to the content.

    This is merely one of the first upgrades developed to enable our clients to edit their website content by using mobile or touch devices. There’s much more to arrive within the subject of mobile website editing, so keep checking back here for the latest developments!


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  • Available Now: Web Design Index 9

    Web Design Index 9The annual web design showcase book is out in stores now, titled Web Design Index 9. You can pick up your copy at a local bookstore or simply navigate to Amazon.com and pick it up there.

    The book features two of our websites: Beautiful 2.0 and Southlake Web Design. We're really excited to be showcased this year for not only one, but two of our websites.


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  • SEO Guide: Now in Online Stores & Devices

    SEO Guide eBookThe #1 SEO Guide, Search Engine Optimization: Do It Yourself is now available in online stores and eBook devices. The online stores are: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, LuLu, and Google Books. Through these stores, it is available on eBook devices such as Kindle, Nook, iPad, Blackberry, and more.

    The guide is still 60% off at just $9.95. If you ever wanted to implement SEO on your own website without having to pay someone else to do it for you, or even if you just want to learn more about SEO and how it works, we definitely recommend this guide.


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  • Internet Explorer 9 Review

    A couple days ago, Microsoft officially announced the launch of Internet Explorer 9 (beta) and the capability for anyone to download it. This has been a long-awaited event, especially for web developers and designers who have been forced to work with Internet Explorer in its not-so-wonderful previous versions. Even the very idea of IE9 has caused designers and developers everywhere to get butterflies in their stomachs. Whether those are good or bad butterflies depends on the individual. In this review, we'll find out just how cringe-worthy (or praise-worthy) this version if IE actually is.

    Internet Explorer: The Backwards Browser

    Before we get started, we must impress that IE9 is still in it's beginning stages - it's now in "open beta", meaning it supposedly runs well enough to go public, but some issues are still being ironed out... which is understandable, as the last few versions of IE have been woefully lacking in website compatibility, supporting new web technologies, and current website standards and trends. In particular, IE6 has been and still is a veritable nightmare for developers and designers everywhere. If just some of the fixes and support that IE9 promises actually happens, designers and developers would be much happier... or at least we might hear a collective "FINALLY!".

    Indeed, web professionals everywhere have been wresting with the IE "backwards browser" for far too long. With the availability of other browser alternatives, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera, IE has been losing a lot of ground in the past few years. The IE "joke" has even spread into pop culture, where even the people that don't know why it's so bad make fun of it. Heck, even some of our older friends and parents (who don't know what a browser even is) find themselves using Firefox or Chrome, despite the fact that IE comes with Windows.

    IE9 does not work with XP

    That leads us to our next subject. IE9 will only work with Windows Vista and Windows 7. In other words, Windows XP will not support Internet Explorer 9, or at least most of its features. This is fine by us, as XP is now a fairly antiquated browser. Don't get us wrong, XP was a better operating system than Vista - but now that Windows 7 has been out for a while and Vista has had considerable amounts of much needed updates, XP is becoming less and less of a viable option. For those of you still running Windows XP with Internet Explorer 6, please throw your computers out the window. Thank you. Moving on...

    A Brand New Look...

    Internet Explorer 9 has a brand new design. It's much simpler and more streamlined. Check it out:

    Internet Explorer 9 User Interface

    The address bar shown above also doubles as a search bar, which helps to clear up some much-need real estate for tabs. Another new and interesting feature of IE9 is its ability to let individual tabs be pinned to the Windows taskbar, much like folders and programs. If you're not familiar with this feature in Windows 7, the ability to do this might be lost on you. While this is a nifty new feature, we don't see much use for it since most people use their "favorites" for this - which offers much more room than a stationary taskbar.

    What is IE9 like for web developers and designers?

    Things like HTML5 and CSS3 are much improved, seeing as how IE has had very little if not zero support or compatibility for these things in the past. There are a few issues, errors, and problems to contend with when it comes to these things, but for the most part it's comparable to other modern and up-to-date browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. The main things web designers care for and worry about (such as transparent PNGs, CSS rounded corners, box drop shadows, and font replacers such as Cufon) all work just fine. Granted, some of these items require simple workarounds to get them to work properly. Fortunately, most of these issues will be taken care of as soon as JavaScript utilities (such as Cufon) can update their coding. Of course, a lot of the work (most of it) has to be done by the IE9 developers while its still in beta.

    There are still quite a few little quirks and issues that we are seeing that are arising from even some of the simplest CSS3 implementations, such as CSS text-shadows, border images, transform rotate, etc, etc. Most of the new HTML5 features, however, are handled quite nicely. This is in no small part due to the fact that a major purpose of IE9 from the beginning was to support HTML5 and pioneer a brand new era in browsers. Unfortunately, in our eyes at least, Google Chrome beat them to it.

    So, What's the Verdict?

    Obviously we can only complain about so much when it comes to the beta release of Internet Explorer 9. As it stands, IE9 definitely has its share of kinks to work out. Despite its problems and beta status, it is hands-down the best update to Internet Explorer in years (maybe ever). Make no mistake, this is definitely one huge step forward for the browser. Unfortunately, all it does is bring it in line with a lot of the other modern browsers out there. In other words, it's bringing the browser to where it should be.

    Bottom Line: As much as we love (or hate) that Internet Explorer is now an actual, merit-based contender in the so-called browser wars, we can't give it points for finally getting to the point it should have been at a year or two ago. In other words, great job - but so what?

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  • Do It Yourself SEO

    SEO eBookWe're pleased to announce the launch of the new SEO resource website, Do It Yourself SEO. The website was designed and developed by our creative director, Christopher Nelson. While we are proud of the work we do for our clients on search engine optimization, we are excited about his achievement.

    Not only is this new website a resource for anyone and everyone wanting to learn all that there is to know about SEO, it also features The SEO Guide, Search Engine Optimization: Do It Yourself. The SEO Guide is a downloadable SEO eBook that features articles, explanations, and how-to's of SEO. The purpose of the eBook is to be the ultimate guide for anyone wanting to optimize their own websites. This is especially good for business owners and start-ups that simply don't have the money to spend on extensive SEO campaigns.

    The website also features an SEO FAQ section that allows visitors to read all about the different topics within the realm of SEO, as well as ask questions or make comments about anything they're having trouble with. It's basically a condensed summary version of the guide itself.

    The SEO Resources section of the website has recommendations and reviews of all the best SEO tools, software, guides, and training available should anyone be interested. 

    If you ever wanted to learn more about SEO or start optimizing yourself, this is definitely the website to visit. Click here to check out Do It Yourself SEO!


  • New Website Templates

    We've just added great new website templates to our website template gallery. As with any of our pre-designed website templates, you can choose any of them to base your website off of. You can choose our "do it yourself" option which costs a one-time fee of $99, or we'll customize it to fit your brand and business for only a one time fee of $399. We'll change colors, logos, images - pretty much anything you can imagine to make it your own. Contact us today to order your website!

    Check out all the new templates below:

    New Template 1

    New Template 2

    New Template 3

    New Template 4

    New Template 5

    New Template 6

    New Template 7

    New Template 8


  • Join us on Facebook

    Come join us on Facebook! We'll be posting all our blogs, ideas, and thoughts on web design and development, along with SEO and online trends. We'll answer your questions and comments there too, just like we do here. It's a bit more convenient than coming to our website just for our blog updates - so check it out!

    ALSO - we'll be posting deals and discounts on our services. So visit our Facebook page and "like" us so you can get the latest news, thoughts, ideas, trends and deals updated right there on your facebook.

    See you all there!

  • New: Custom Twitter Backgrounds

    Beautiful Twitter BackgroundArora Designs is now offering Custom Twitter Backgrounds. For only $149 you can escape the generic mediocrity and brand yourself or your business on Twitter. Every Custom Twitter Background also comes with your very own custom Twitter profile icon.

    We'll work with you to create the most perfect, unique, and personalized experience for your current and potential Twitter followers. Have any questions? Contact Arora Designs today.


  • Pre-Designed Websites now only $99

    Pre-Designed WebsitesArora Designs is pleased to announce that our pre-designed website package is now only $99. That's a savings of $100. Even then, it's only a one-time fee to get you up and running with the website you've always wanted.

    The way we have things set up around here, you could end up paying us only $99... ever. Just pick the pre-designed website template of your choice and we'll set it up. We'll buy or transfer your domain (www.yourbusiness.com), set up the web hosting and website editor, and pretty much take care of everything that goes on behind the scenes so you don't have to.

    To top it all off, if you choose to have three pages or less on your website, our web hosting and website editor is FREE. You'll never have to pay another dime for your website (unless you want to of course)!

    There really isn't a deal like this anywhere online. You won't find the quality, price, customer service or simplicity anywhere else that's boiled into one $99 package. Believe us, we've checked.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Oh, and don't forget to check out our pre-designed websites!


  • New: Logo Store

    We're proud to present our new Logo Store! This store features pre-designed logos that were designed for virtually every business type we could think of, and we plan to add even more on a regular basis. All logos have a base price of only $149, with the option to purchase the logo exclusively for only $299. When you purchase a pre-designed logo exclusively, it becomes yours forever - we'll take it off the market permanently.

    We're definitely excited to be able to offer premium, creative and professional logos at such low prices. We hope that our Logo Store will help to enable small businesses and entrepreneurs to get started branding or re-branding their businesses. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to check out the new Logo Store!

    New Logo Store

  • New Testimonials!

    We've got some great new testimonials! We're extremely happy that clients we've had from all over the world have taken the time to send us these testimonials. Even though we're a Dallas Web Design company, we seem to get some attention from all over!

    Thanks to all of our clients who took the time out of running their businesses and their lives to write us such awesome letters. You have our promise that we'll do our best to continue to live up to your kind words.

    Check out the testimonials here!

  • NEW: Content Management System

    Arora Designs is pleased to announce our new website content management system. We are extremely excited about this brand new feature. While many companies have some kind of CMS available for their clients, we've waited for over a year to unveil this masterpiece of web technology. It is by far the easiest, most intuitive CMS we've ever worked with, and we know our clients will think so too. 

    From now on, all our web design clients will have access to our powerful and simple content management system that will allow them to add and edit content on their own websites. While many of our clients have expressed worry that this means they will not have a reason to work with us as often (we love you too!), we are absolutely positive this is the best thing for them. This empowers our clients in a way that was previously not possible without a website editor

    We've updated our website to reflect our new website services and pricing, so don't hesitate to look around. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us - we're here for you all. 

    Take a look at the Website CMS features!

    Keep in mind that even though Arora Designs is a Dallas Web Design company, we offer our content management and website design services to national and international customers. Just shoot us an email or give us a call and we'll get you started with whatever it is you need! 

  • We're A Hit!

    The Arora Designs website redesign has been awarded featured placement on over 20 CSS gallery websites. The success of our latest redesign has been wonderful, but not surprising. We've been producing website redesigns for clients for years with continued success.

    We would love to redesign your website, too. Just let us know what you have in mind, and we'll give you a free quote! Check out our web design services, and be sure to contact us!



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