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  • SEO Guide: Now in Online Stores & Devices

    DIY SEO GuideThe #1 SEO Guide, Search Engine Optimization: Do It Yourself is now available in online stores and eBook devices. The online stores are: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, LuLu, and Google Books. Through these stores, it is available on eBook devices such as Kindle, Nook, iPad, Blackberry, and more... READ MORE

  • SEO Guide Sale

    SEO Guide SaleAbout two months ago, we announced the launch of the awesome new SEO guide, Search Engine Optimization: Do It Yourself. If you were ever interested in what search engine optimization is and what it can mean for the success (or failure) of your website or your business' website, this is definitely the SEO guide for you... READ MORE

  • Do It Yourself SEO

    Search Engine OptimizationWe're pleased to announce the launch of the new SEO resource website, Do It Yourself SEO. The website was designed and developed by our creative director, Christopher Nelson. While we are proud of the work we do for our clients on search engine optimization, we are excited about his achievement... READ MORE

  • SEO: Backlinks

    SEO: BacklinksIn today's search engine optimization, backlinks are becoming more and more important. As a strictly white-hat SEO company, we haven't talked much about backlinks because of the inevitable gray area we knew we would find ourselves in. In the past, we've stressed that the more helpful your website is... READ MORE

  • How to Promote Your Website on Google

    How to Promote Your Website on GoogleSometimes, even after we educate our clients about SEO (search engine optimization), we get the question, "Yeah, but how do I promote my website on Google?". Well, for starters, that's what SEO is all about. But for the laymen out there, (and for those of you reading this that are not clients of ours) we'll provide a very basic list... READ MORE

  • SEO: Connections

    In this third and final segment of our SEO Effectiveness article, we'll talk about the concept of SEO connections... READ MORE

  • SEO: Importance

    This is the second part of our SEO Effectiveness article dealing with relevancy, importance and connections... READ MORE

  • SEO: Relevancy

    In the first of our three part SEO article, we'll discuss the importance of search engine optimization relevancy... READ MORE

  • SEO Effectiveness

    Since the concept of online marketing was first conceived, one question remains the same in the minds of many business owners, marketers, and strategists... READ MORE

  • SEO: Links & Popularity

    The sites that link to yours must be relevant, helpful sites all by themselves. The more "important" or "popular" sites... READ MORE

  • Image SEO

    Many SEO companies do not pay as much attention to this aspect of search engine optimization. Image optimizing is... READ MORE

  • The Ethics of SEO

    Search engine optimization has a strange reputation. Some understand and use it, some hate and fear it, and others... READ MORE

  • What is SEO?

    SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results... READ MORE


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