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  • New Custom Website: The Game Effect

    The Game EffectWe've been working on this one for quite a while now. The new custom design has not gone live on the site yet, but the site is up and running and full of content. The new Game Effect design is much more stylized and modern. It definitely stands out as one of the most user-oriented media sites out there... READ MORE

  • New Custom Website: Chess Republic

    New Custom WebsiteWe're proud to announce that we've been working on a custom website project entitled, "The Chess Republic". The website is currently still in development, but most of the design portion of the project is completed. The website will be the first of its kind. In other words, it will allow its users to earn money whilst playing... READ MORE

  • Do It Yourself SEO

    Search Engine OptimizationWe're pleased to announce the launch of the new SEO resource website, Do It Yourself SEO. The website was designed and developed by our creative director, Christopher Nelson. While we are proud of the work we do for our clients on search engine optimization, we are excited about his achievement... READ MORE

  • New Custom Website: Light Pollution

    New Custom WebsiteNancy Wood came to us looking for something custom, simple, and unique. As an artist, her work is absolutely outstanding. Because of this we did not want to take the focus of the website away from her work in any way. So, we decided to base the design of the website on her works of art... READ MORE

  • Pauley Financial Services

    PFSArora Designs has just launched the new Pauley Financial Services website. While we definitely don't feature every website we complete, we like to showcase certain aspects of our CMS Web Design capabilities from time to time. The folks at Pauley Financial came to us with a problem: they already had a large website with a... READ MORE

  • Harmonious Spaces

    Here at Arora Designs, we specialize in total customization. If you're a thriving company...

  • Beautiful 2.0

    The newest, best, and most "pure" css gallery and web design gallery is here! Beautiful 2.0 features extraordinary...


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