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BacklinksIn today's search engine optimization, backlinks are becoming more and more important. As a strictly white-hat SEO company, we haven't talked much about backlinks because of the inevitable gray area we knew we would find ourselves in. In the past, we've stressed that the more helpful your website is - the more of a resource it is for people visiting, the more folks will link back to your website naturally. While this truly is the right mindset to have, we've always known that this can also in many circumstances be naive.

Nowadays, we find that more and more small websites are starting backlinking campaigns. This either takes a lot of time, or a lot of money - and in many cases, both. Going to other people's websites with the single purpose to create a link back to yourself on a blog or forum seems a bit black-hat to us, but there are ways to rationalize doing it.

For instance: you can be helpful all over the internet - not just on your own website. Join forums and follow blogs that are in your business field or niche and start making useful, helpful and constructive comments and feedback on those forums and blogs. Add to their content - answer people's questions, and generally be helpful - legitimately. Simply going to these other websites and typing "I agree" with a link simply will not cut it. At least not to us.

This will create backlinks for you. Not all of the links may count, but they will still help people find your website as well as add to your positive reputation. Here are some ways to create backlinks for your website:

1. Blog commenting
2. Classified ads
3. Article submission
4. Social bookmarking
5. Press releases
6. Online group posting
7. Forum posting
8. Directory Submission
9. Social Networking

Remember to always keep in mind the quality of the website you are creating a backlink on. Don't use link farms or directories that aren't legit. You'll most likely know them when you see them. Basically, anything that looks like a collection of links is probably just that and nothing more - and won't do much for you. If you participate in buying/selling links outside of legitimate advertising, you could even be penalized by Google or even banned.

Good luck, and let us know if you have any questions!


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