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In this third and final segment of our SEO Effectiveness article, we'll talk about the last (but not least) important concept of the SEO triad: SEO connections.

In the last two articles we've discussed SEO relevancy and importance. Some might argue that relevancy and connections are the only concepts of real note. We disagree. While relevancy is intrinsically tied in with both aforementioned concepts, it was important to us to dedicate an article entirely to it's concept. In essence, it is of utmost importance to understand all three concepts in order to successfully achieve a professional search engine optimization perspective. 

SEO connections have to do with the inbound and outbound links that connect your website to the entire internet. The connections your website has tells a lot about how important, relevant, trustworthy and independent your website really is. Just as in real life, a lot can be said about you by who you have relationships with, who you spend time with, where you spend that time, etc. Your website is no different. Search engines like to see good, healthy relationships in websites. It's good to have this state of mind when thinking about your website in this context.

To continue with our "life" analogy, we feel we must impress upon you that there are such things as good connections and bad connections. Let's say you have a link to your website from CNN. That's a pretty darn good connection. On the other hand, let's say you have a link to your website from a "link farm" website. A link farm website deals in trading links either for free or for some amount of payment. These links can be from its members, or from the site itself. Many of these so-called link farms are not considered good connections. They are meant to manipulate, and the search engines are getting much more savvy about noticing the quality of connections your website has. In the real world, this kind of connection might be viewed as "seedy". You want to try to keep your connections as real, healthy, relevant and of good quality as possible.

In days past, "pagerank" was considered the utmost qualifier of good, quality links. While this may be the way it still is in some cases, it is not always. Quality no longer equals pagerank in search engine's eyes. So, if that link farm has a Google pagerank of 10, that's pretty awesome... for them. Unfortunately the link may be less worthy of it's pagerank then you might think. If a website's only content is a bunch of links, that makes that website important - but the connection only tells search engines that your website is connected to a website that farms out links for profit or for manipulation. Don't be fooled. If your search engine of choice has not wizened up, it soon will.

News sites, popular industry blogs, online magazines, web 2.0 link sharing sites such as Digg, and referrals from related popular industry websites are the ticket. These as a rule are viewed as much better, healthier website connections as far as search engines are concerned. It takes a bit of common sense and possibly a conscience when choosing or pursuing your website's connections. Most people make poor connections online not out of bad intention, but out of ignorance.

The only "link farm" type of connections we could possibly recommend are industry-related online directories and yellow pages. Most of the time these websites are a resource for their viewers, many of whom are consumers looking for a product or service in their area. However, be warned; not all of these websites are what they appear. Do some research, look around their website. Are they what they say they are? Are they as popular a resource as they would have you believe? Find out before you make the connection.

When it comes to SEO connections, a little vigilance and research can go a long way. This also goes for our previous covered concepts, SEO relevance and SEO importance. When implementing any concept of search engine optimization on your website, remember that honesty, integrity, good content and smart connections are the keys to success in the long run.

Thank you for reading and being a part of our three section article on SEO Effectiveness dealing with relevancy, importance, and connections. If you have any questions regarding the SEO concepts we've covered or feel we should go into a subject a little bit more in depth, please let us know. As a leading Dallas Web Design company, Arora Designs is dedicated to answering any and all questions you might have regarding any subjects that we write about or any product or service that we provide. Again, thank you for reading.


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