SEO Friendly CMS?

Do you have an SEO friendly CMS? In other words, does your content management system (website editor) quickly and easily allow you to implement search engine optimization on your website? Besides that, there are many other important "SEO friendly" features and benefits that a great CMS should have. Our CMS has them all.

Even if you don't choose our CMS for your website editor, this list will help you in deciding what to look for in your next content management system:

1. HTML Control: Does your CMS allow you to view and edit the HTML on your website? It should. This is where you can place codes for things such as Google Analytics in order to follow and analyze your website's success online. This also allows for "cleaner" code, making it easier for the search engines to index your website.

2. URL Control: A good CMS should allow you to have complete control over all naming conventions on your website. Our CMS allows you to name each page according to your design. No automatically generated page names here. You name it all.

3. Speed & Quality: Is your CMS attached to a great hosting solution? The response time of your website can determine the overall quality and site speed. This is definitely a ranking factor - the faster the site, the less of a problem search engines are going to have placing your website before others in search results. All our websites are hosted at a Tier Four Data Center in Dallas, TX. It's one of the most state of the art facilities of its kind.

4. 301 Redirects: If you delete or add new pages, change URLs or even just redesign your entire website, that can potentially leave search engines with a whole lot of old web addresses that don't go anywhere. This is bad for your SEO. Our CMS allows you to quickly and easily create 301 redirects. This lets you forward the old web address to the new one. In other words, if one of your old pages was and the new page is, then you would be able to set that forward up in about 6 seconds.

5. Sitemaps: A great CMS will auto-generate a sitemap for your website. A sitemap is kind of a one stop shop for search engines and users to find what they are looking for on your website. A sitemap allows your entire website to be accessible from one page. Our CMS auto-generates sitemaps based on the way you have set up your website.

6. Meta Control: Our CMS allows you to edit your meta data (title, description, keywords) on a per-page basis. This is extremely powerful, convenient, and simple. It's one of the most important things a CMS should be able to do. Sadly, not all of them out there can do this for you.

7. Blog Feature: Want a blog, podcast, company calendar or news section? That's great. Search engines absolutely love blogs. Our CMS allows you to easily set up as many blogs as you want, tie them in with each other for a master blog, or even have separate blogs on every page, controlled by different users. The possibilities are endless. Most people choose to just have one blog, but sometimes one is just not enough. Our CMS Blog features auto archiving, tagging, tag clouds and pagination. It's simple and incredibly easy to use.

8. RSS Feeds: A blog wouldn't be "whole" if it didn't have an RSS feed that people could subscribe to. Our CMS is XML and RSS friendly. In fact, any blog you set up on our system automatically generates an RSS feed that people can subscribe to through their browser. You don't have to do one thing to set this up. Of course, if you want to customize your RSS feed on Google's Feedburner, you're more than welcome to. Like most things on our CMS, it's customizable.

Have any questions about our CMS or more details on SEO-friendly features? Leave a comment below or contact us.



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