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  • New Testimonial: The Game Effect

    We've got a new testimonial! This time around, it's from the CEO EIC of The Game Effect, Joshua Garwood. We were really pleased to work with him on the new design for the Game Effect website. Check out the testimonial below:

    "As someone who rarely finds complete satisfaction with external work, I have to say that I consistently find myself smiling at what Arora has created here. I can confidently say that I am elated with the site and the design that Arora has developed. It not only gives us a unique and appealing identity, but creates a functional and fluid experience for our users that they can't find elsewhere. I am happy to say that this is the best looking game site that I have ever seen, and can't wait to share it with the Internet masses. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, Arora Designs did an amazing job here!"

    Thanks a ton, Josh! We look forward to working with you again soon!


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  • Available Now: Web Design Index 9

    Web Design Index 9The annual web design showcase book is out in stores now, titled Web Design Index 9. You can pick up your copy at a local bookstore or simply navigate to Amazon.com and pick it up there.

    The book features two of our websites: Beautiful 2.0 and Southlake Web Design. We're really excited to be showcased this year for not only one, but two of our websites.


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  • Web Design Index

    Web Design IndexSince its first edition in the year 2000, the annual book "Web Design Index" has become one of the most important publications in the web design and development field. Every annual Web Design Index book features 1002 outstanding websites that were designed in the previous year.

    The web address is listed as well as the names of the authors, designers and developers having to do with the design and programming of each featured website. Selection for the Web Design Index is based on design quality, innovation, and effectiveness. Each book is color-coded and has every successfully implemented conceivable form and style currently being used in the field.

    The sites featured in this series are selected from those nominated on the webdesignindex.org website, from the portfolios of designers who have recently received web awards and from the work of new designers who have received recognition for innovative design. The selection process focuses not only on visual design but also on functionality and the innovative use of new technologies.

    Arora Designs is pleased to announce that not only one, but two of our websites will be featured and published within 2010's "Web Design Index 9". The book is based on designs that were created and nominated in 2009, and it will be coming out this June.

    The two sites that will be published are Beautiful 2.0 and the last version of the Arora Designs website design interface, Southlake Web Design.


  • Webdesigner Depot!

    The Arora Designs website was featured on the extremely popular design resource website, Webdesigner Depot as a prime example of the principal of proximity in design.

    Here is what they have to say about our visual hierarchy:

    "This example illustrates the importance of proximity in print design, and a similar idea can be used for elements in web design, as shown in the screenshot below. Although Arora Designs' website is not complex or information-heavy, its use of white space and visual separation of grouped elements are effective. It should be noted here that "white space" does not have to be white; it can be any empty space between elements, regardless of color. In the case of Arora Designs, although the white space has color, it serves the same purpose of visually separating the header, navigation and content areas."

    Take a look at the full article here


  • Website of the Year

    Arora Designs has been awarded with not only one, but two nominations for Website of the Year by CSS Creme. Our own website was nominated, as well as one of our client's popular web design, CSS and Flash gallery, Beautiful 2.0.

    We'd greatly appreciate it if you'd use one of the links below to vote for one of our websites - but remember - you can only vote once! Thanks!

    Vote for the Arora Designs website
    Vote for the Beautiful 2.0 website


  • Success: Beautiful 2.0

    The Beautiful 2.0 website gallery has become a much larger success (and much more quickly) than our client had deemed possible. In just over 14 days, Beautiful 2.0 has been featured on 23 popular css gallery websites, has gone up millions of points in website ranking, and has reached over 50 subscribers.

    Some of this success is due to the fact that Beautiful 2.0 is highly selective in its accepted website submissions. Only the most artistic and visually creative websites are featured in the gallery. The gallery consists of web 2.o, css, and flash websites (or any mixture of the three).

    The website is also an international success, being extremely popular in countries such as Japan, India and Romania. The largest audience of course consists of folks in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

    If you're interested in seeing the daily submissions, check out beautiful 2.0 or subscribe to the feed. One of the most effective ways to view the latest website additions on Beautiful 2.0 is to follow them on twitter.

    Beautiful 2.0 CSS Gallery


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